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Firstly,how does Anime Mansion begin?

It started with a normal random girl, by the name Saaya Kuroi. Everyday in her past accessing Facebook, she joined many anime clubs and take part in their activities. But still, she feels lonely.

Because of this, on 12th February 2010, she created a group in Facebook called Anime Mansion , together with her younger sister, Mizura Kuran. Click HERE to go to the group. The group didn't get many fans and reactions that time. From that moment, she began to seek for her best anime friends and offers them the title of "First-Generation Admins". These admins are the ones who manages Anime Mansion since its genesis.

After gaining much reputation, Saaya-san made a decision to create a page by the same name, on 17th April 2010. With the demand on manpower needed to manage the page, she conducted several admin trials, and at the same time, found new anime friends along the way.

Until today, 28 admins, (19 females and 9 males) including Saaya-san herself had managed the page of Anime Mansion for almost 10 months since its foundation. More and more fans begin to gather at the page, making AM as one of the most rapid growing anime page ever on facebook.

Thus, please enjoy your stay here. Feel free to add comments & have a chitchat on AM blog :)

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